SRT BH815S 1/10th Scale On-road HV Brushless Servo

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 SRT BH815S 1/10th Scale On-road HV Brushless Servo

Kort servo ledning, passer til TC biler.

SRT has strong launch of the newest product BH815S, HV brushless low profile servo. 
For 1/10 on road, no doubt that it has super fast speed 0.05S,15kg at the voltage of 8.4V. With advanced technology of chip and updated system, the newest BH815S get back to the middle more precisely and its locking force is more stronger. To meet SRT fans’ requests, mode SSR is supported now. What’s more, its perfect golden high level CNC case is so cool and special. How could we help loving it? 
The newest BH815S will be sold in market at the beginning of September. Reservation is accepted now.

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